Fun Dating places in Bali Indonesia

Bali Kuta Beach not only alone. There are many places with a variety of fun activities that can be your dating partner's shared agenda while visiting there. From riding a bike together to visit the beautiful village.Fun Dating places in Bali Indonesia  Want to know?

Bali is a romantic place. Especially for those who live in Bali, they had plenty of opportunity to explore the island of the gods while dating. Compiled detikTravel, Friday (20/11/2014) here 5 places kecan exclamation in Bali Indonesia:
  • Rows around Pecatu
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The beaches around Pecatu area so exciting dating place together with a partner. Several beaches can be visited like Dreamland, Suluban, Padang-Padang, Bingin and Balangan.

Padang-Padang Beach and fun place to so Suluban sunbathing and playing surf. In fact, the second location is adjacent to the beach that is already a favorite of foreign tourists as the favorite spot for dating. They could play each other until the water surfing. Padang-Padang Beach are on Jl Labuan Sait, Pecatu. While the Pantai Suluban is located about 30 minutes from there.

While in Dreamland Beach, you are with the couple are free to run and play on the beach of white sand. This beach is located in Pecatu Indah Resort area in Jalan Raya Uluwatu.
  • Watch a kecak dance in Uluwatu Temple and sunset

Still in the area of Uluwatu, there is one other fun activities you can do together with a partner. There you can see kecak dance at once beautiful sunset sunset on the sea of the Indian Ocean.

Balinese Kecak dance is not using musical instruments in the show. The sounds and tones that are in the dance comes from the voice of each of the dancers. One of the distinctive sound is ' cak-cak-cak ', that's at once dancers will present a unique and distinctive movements of the Kecak dance.

Kecak dance is performed by a 40-50 people. The amount very much, because everyone can have his own voice and be a good rhythm or tone to be heard. After that, the performances of fire that will be performed by the dancers will entertain you with a partner.

Behind the stage, you can see the Sun is setting. Don't get me wrong, actually performing Kecak dance at Uluwat takes place when afternoon, moments mnedekati sunset. Perfect!

The price of admission to the Uluwatu Temple is Rp 20 thousand. While the Kecak dance performances, cost you around USD 100 thousand. Uluwatu temple itself is located in Pecatu village, Kuta, Badung.
  • Eating in a restaurant with the best view in Bali

Bali have some restaurants that offer a beautiful natural panorama of graceful. Three restaurants are so recommendations for You i.e. Rock bars in Jimbaran, Seminyak and Potato Head Ocean 27 in Kuta Bali.

Each restaurant promises a romantic date atmosphere. At Rock Bar, both of you can see a beautiful view of the ocean from the top of the cliff. Silence and a romantic atmosphere very thick felt here. Rock Bar itself is part of the Ayana Resort Spa & residing in coastal Krisik, Jimbaran.

Whereas the Potato Head in Seminyak, is a fitting to enjoy sunset in Bali. In it, there are three parts that can be used by travelers. First, the places to eat that are to the right of the entrance with an atmosphere like a regular restaurant.

Second, on a long sofa with views of the beach and garden. Third, the sofas are most front aka closest to the beach, parallel to the pool you can enjoy. The spot price for each is different. Prepare a budget of at least Usd 500 thousand!

If Ocean 27 which is behind the Discovery Shopping Mall, Kuta is famous for its atmosphere of a dinner romatis. Ocean 27 even once called by the TripAdvisor site had a nice but simple d├ęcor and styled with panoramic views of the sea as the main sights. How to get here with my partner?

Riding a bike in Ubud

Want to try a fun and unique dating in Bali? Try riding a bike tour from Kintamani to Ubud through the countryside. The distance is approximately 25 km, with an estimated travel time sekitart 3 hours.

One of the organizers of the tour operatur bike tours in Bali is Balinese RIP. Using a mountain bike, a date with this fun couple who starts from the village of Padpadan.

After that, you'll pass panorama pesawahan runs wide and taste the cool air of the mountains. First stop was a temple Jagaraga about, the most sacred in the village of Jagaraga about. He's been around 130 years but you may not go into it.

The trip then continued to Gianyar Bali, and before the finish point You will rest in the Palace Looks Siring. Look at the tree-lined street of beautiful pine trees like Europe in the summer. The price for this ride a bicycle tours starting from Rp 350,000.

Visit the pretty village of Panglipuran

Panglipuran village in the Regency of Bangli. The village Penglipuran is characterized by the passage of the landscape with houses which are typical and unique. No matter how beautiful, cool, filled with trees and grass-green grass.

Playing again, this village had a ban i.e. should not be crossed by motor vehicles. Please breathe clean air as capable of making you happy couples together lamna linger there. The other interesting thing from this pretty village is the hospitality of its inhabitants. Old, young, teens and kids, all of them to be friendly to every tourist.

The price of admission to the village of Panglipuran just Rp 7,500 only. Want to try out on a date in there?

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