Monkeys are releasing Kemben Charmian Chen (Taiwan Model) in Bali

A tourist from Taiwan named Charmian Chen yg has just undergone a humiliating incident when visiting Bali the island of gods, the incident occurred in the Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali. The incident occurred when there was a Monkey who pulled his clothes down until it degenerated and nearly open

 Charmian Chen (Taiwan Model

Coed Taiwan suddenly becomes a well-known model and after vacationing in Bali. He digerayangi by couple of monkeys, his clothes are dragged to her tits exposed. The events that happened there mengadikannya with the camera, and the photo circulated worldwide charmian Chen, the student in question, dress it in drag by a monkey while Chen enjoyed the monkey forest in Ubud area. Maybe the monkey felt Chen too much clothing. Certainly it is surprising and embarrass Chen. His face red blushes at the time.

This incident was apparently triggered by the corn that fall toward Chen. Picture of the incident has made headlines in Taiwan television station. It has also spread around the world, appeared on a blog site and forum in the United States and the United Kingdom.

When Chen returned to Taiwan, many who asked Chen to add friends on Facebook seemed pleased over chen this event. He was given the nickname of monkey girl ... lol

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