Get the uniqueness of Bali in Bali and Krisna

On a trip to Bali is not complete it without buying presents for loved ones. A variety of typical souvenirs of Bali can be used as a fruit of the hand. Joger t-shirts, paintings, sculpture, weaving cloth is among an interesting souver. If you are confused as to which to buy, just come to the souvenir shops and quality.

Khrisna Bali can be a shopping destination by Bali. Shopping is famous for the comprehensiveness of its collection. Not only souvenirs, but you can also find a range of Balinese specialties. So you do not need to be complicated mencarikeunikan Bali in many places.

Khrisna Bali offers a variety of cartoon t-shirts design interesting and funny. The cartoon depicted tells about the uniqueness of Bali. Other souvenirs include products of creative craftsmen in Bali. Like the webbing, art sculptures, paintings, bag creations, a variety of handicrafts and other funny souvenirs.

In addition to the crafts, various snacks are also available in typical Balinese Khrisna Bali. Snacks like dried, lunkhead ceker crisp, pie milk, a variety of pastries, assorted chips and other tasty snacks. For the fans of coffee Coffee tasting mandatory Kintamani, Bali Spirit and Coffee Coffee Mangsi. Available variants of coffee beans and coffee powder which you can enjoy with a price range of 10 thousand to 100 thousand dollars.

Want to search clothing typical of Bali also exist. Prices are also relatively inexpensive festive dibandrol. Price starting from 15 thousand to dress the kids and adult clothing to 25 thousand. If it's too cheap, you can enter the VIP room near an outlet clothes. A wide selection of clothes with Prime quality can You entire stock.

Fabrics you can buy at a price of 30 thousand to 90 thousand. Want to find bed cover is also available. The motif has to offer is very diverse, from the funny cartoon pictures of typical traditional Balinese motif ssampai. Want to search the bag, the bag is the latest model, woven bags, handbags patchwork can You collection.

There's more products other entire stock. Like kites, centong katu, Pearl necklace, a variety of children's games, traditional musical instruments and other unique objects. Everything you can buy according to taste and needs. Bali girl paintings, landscapes and animals could complement the uniqueness of Bali collection.

Shopping in Bali Khrisna very comfortable, because it comes a very supportive facilities. Where to eat and drink, tempet waiting driver, a very spacious parking are some of the services provided. Customer satisfaction is the focus of Khrisna Bali. Please visit our storefront and prove yourself.

So, if a holiday to Bali, do not forget to stop by the Khrisna Bali. The address is at Jalan Nusa Kambangan No. 160A Denpasar. Further information, you can contact 0361-8423573. Get all the souvenirs, clothes, bags, snacks and the best coffee in Khrisna Bali.
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