Beautiful night tour in kuta bali

Although there are quite a lot of places that can be visited for fun in most tourist areas that exist in Kuta Bali. Such is the case of Kuta which provides many of the attractions of the night, especially along Jalan Legian. Where there is a bar and strip dinners each other each other.
  • Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a multi-level complex that is already attracting tourists from both local and foreign tourists over the years. The location is very close to the Ground Zero Monument on Jalan Legian. Sky Garden is also a 4-story Club that holds a number of events throughout the year, featuring local and international DJS.
Beautiful night tour in kuta Bali Indonesia
Beautiful night tour in kuta bali

The entrance is located in the parkirnya area of the first floor, then on the second floor of the Club there is a disco floor is quite extensive, the third floor is the bar area while in the last floor or fourth is an outdoor area or the Rooftop Garden Lounge.
  • Bounty Discotheque

Entering Jalan Legian tourist areas you will pass the night of live music on the right and on the left there is a billiard table with the area. Then there are two dance floors in a two-floor next, where one of them designed to resemble an old pirate ship. Therefore it was named the "Bounty".

Two dance floors will be full and crowded with the visitors, mainly from Australia. But some visitors is also the local tourists who all dancing and sweaty between one another, especially when entering at 11 pm to 2 am.
  • Alleycats

Alleycats is an area "warming up" for a great night in the area of the city, where you can go to various places to enjoy a drink or chatting casually with friends or the people nearest to you.

Alleycats is famous for its very cheap drink specials, where one glass cocktail valued Rp 15,000 to Rp 25,000 or one glass of tequila. At night, the area will become a place to gather and enjoy a drink in the day though all look different. The culmination of the hustle will take place at 20: 00-23: 00.

  • Eikon Bar & Lounge

Eikon Bar & Lounge is another popular night tour on Jalan Legian. The Club will start this one looks crowded from 11 pm onwards. Even the often present Ladies Night Specials as well as a dance show, DJ inernasional, hip hop, R & B until 03: 00.
  • Velvet&Hypnotized

Established as a restaurant and lounge, located on the third floor, Velvet & Hypnotized allows you to enjoy views of the sunset (sunset) and the mood of the sea. Place this one too is divided into two areas, namely indoors as well as outdoors. The activities of the dance floor crowded starting at 23: 00.

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