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Lots of variety of watersport options to choose from when visiting the island of Bali. Here there are several options of watersport you can do with your family and friends who love water sports. One is surfing. Water activity that this one will be able to satisfy your adrenaline when on holiday and also enjoy the sea waves on the beaches of Bali island. If you have a pretty good skill to play this sport, don't miss the chance to rent surfing at booth-booth nearest the coast of Bali island. With just to spend 50,000 to 100,000 alone you will be able to hire surf equipment can be used to perform a watersport. Don't forget to give priority to safety

There are some tips that can be done before playing water sports. First, if you can't play the sport of surfing, or still a beginner, we recommend that you choose a place that is close to the beach and not too deep so that you will avoid drowning when accidentally slipped and fell from the surfing equipment. But if you include one of the pro surfing enthusiasts, you can play this sport in the middle of the beach so that the atmosphere of this sport can be enjoyed to the maximum. Plus more adrenaline will be increasingly sated when playing it. Second, be careful when playing using this surfing, especially when using sensitive and surfing equipment made of materials that are easily damaged.
Island Surfing Watersport Island Bali Indonesia

If you restore the surfing equipment in a State not intact for instance his wings there are broken or have parts missing, you will be told to pay compensation by the surfing equipment provider. Usually this much going on by those who play only on the edge of the surf coast is prone to crashing, because the coral reef, the surfing equipment will easy to broken. Thirdly, prepare yourself before doing sports. You can try to perform a warm up first before doing so. With the warm-up, you will avoid sprains when doing watersport; that certainly would be fatal for those who surf in the middle of the sea which in

Sports Snorkeling in Kuta Beach and other beaches

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Other sports you can do on the island of Bali is snorkeling. This activity can be done en masse with family or friends. Lots of choice in Bali island that serves this one facility such as Kuta Beach, the beach of Dream Land and also the beach of Nusa Dua. Snorkel has similarities such as surf, you will be able to enjoy a sport that will challenge the adrenaline here. Because it can do more than one person, this activity will be more enjoyable.

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