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Cremation ceremonies Ngaben, Sacred tradition cleanses the spirit of people who have died

Many types of celebrations or Ceremony conducted by the Balinese Cremation Ceremony, including an already fairly well known by the general public outside of Bali. Ngaben is a tradition to honor those who have died. Cremation itself is a cremation ceremony baisa performed by the Balinese to purified the spirit of people who have died.
Cremation ceremonies Ngaben Bali
Ngaben Bali

The Balinese believe that in humans there are items where everything is driven by the spirit of God. When a man dies, his spirit would leave the ballpark. That's when Cremation became the moment means to purify the spirit as it leaves the body.

Cremation is considered a mandatory ceremony that is executed when there are residents who died. The ceremony is considered very important because it becomes the embodiment of respect in people who have already died and became a marker of social status of the dead person.

The ceremony is believed to have been capable of freeing the spirit of people who have died from various dirty deeds who never performed during his lifetime in the world so that it would ease his path to heaven. The Balinese also believe that people who have died will be reincarnated in a different form.

Ngaben ceremony conducted in conjunction with some other ceremony complete with offerings and the symbol a symbol that is often used in the ceremony. Ngaben is not indiscriminate because it always done in big quantity. The ceremony is sure takes a long time, a lot of energy, and the cost is expensive so most people held a Cremation in a long time after death.

In its commissioning, Cremation is not only performed as a sacred ritual but also often serve as instruments of cultural tourism and religion. In perkembannya, many local people who hold this ceremony en masse to save cost.

The bodies of the family members of those who died were buried in advance until the required charges to hold a procession to Cremation would be sure. Typically, those who do this kind of thing comes from the lower middle class.

For those who can afford to, they usually will not wait long to do a Cremation. Moreover, they believe that storing a corpse for too long will make his spirit becoming stagnant or confused because it has not yet found a place in his new nature.

Prior to Cremation, the family will usually be berkonsulasi with Pastor related technical implementation and determine auspicious day. While waiting, the family set up equipment to be used like an ox-shaped keranda and replicas that will be burnt along with the bodies.

Before the procession began, the bodies to be burned washed first. The process is led by Pastor bath or people from the Brahmin caste. After that, the bodies will be dirias and put on clothes custom of Bali. Furthermore, all family members gather to pay homage to the last and accompanied by prayers to be given peace and the process of Cremation Ceremonies can go smoothly

The bodies that have been washed, placed at keranda. During the Cremation area, head to the carcasses will be played 3 times as it passes through the intersection. It aims to make the spirit remains confused and did not return again.

Arriving at the ceremony, the bodies will be included in the replica in the shape of a bull. After the preacher prayed, cremation procession made up into ashes. Ash from these remnants will be included in kelapa gading fruit and then set adrift into the sea
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