A closer look at World War II Ships in Tulamben Bali

 Tulamben Bali ,interesting spot that is suitable for diving is one of the popular diving spots that are much sought after by tourists is Tulamben Bali. The distance is approximately about 2 hours drive from sanur Beach area.
Tulamben Bali
Tulamben Bali

True to its name this place is located in the tourist area of Tulamben in the village of Kubu, Tulamben or about 104 km south of Denpasar. The dive sites choices for diving lovers because it is a location where the ship Liberty Glo was sunk so bring attraction for divers good local and foreign divers.

This United States-owned ship sank during the events of World War II in 1942. The eruption of Mount Agung made the ship that sank it deeper than the surface of the water. The current whereabouts of about 9 to 30 meters under water.

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The Liberty Glo was its length is estimated to be about 120 m. diving Spots on this one is perfect for the beginner to the professional diver divers. Divers can see the wide range of amenities and facilities that are still remaining on the ship wreck is like a toilet, weapon, ship anchors and chain. Interior in kalam became one of the diving spot with shipwrecks is the easiest in the world.

Life under the sea around the ship was very diverse. This is because in these waters there are many plankton. Plankton joined carried away from these two famous Ocean namely Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

When you are in luck, divers can also see whale shark or manta ray. With the wall a wall of coral reefs that is still very awake, fish a beautiful small fish can live peacefully and breed in them.

One of the spots for diving in Tulamben Bali is Taman coral reefs or The Coral Garden. This diving spot where the water flows calm enough to allow divers to go snorkelling at above sea level.

Various kinds of anemones, parrot fish, anglerfish and can be seen easily at a depth of 5 to 20 meters. The best time for a vacation and diving in this area is between the months of July to October at which time the weather is nice and sunny, so divers can earn maximum experience.

A few miles east of Bali Tulamben, Amed there are many coral reefs. AMED is known for its black sand and biting with sea water is blue. Tulamen became one of the a great alternative if you are bored with the hectic Kuta area.

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