Sudhi Wadhani ceremony, a special Ceremony for its New adherents of Hinduism

Talking about beliefs, each person has an absolute right to hold religious beliefs with sesui in her heart. A person also has the right intact if you want to move religion from religion to another religion is a religion that thinks he can believe in. In Hinduism, there is a special ceremony to purify their adherents of new Hindu religion. This cleansing ceremony called Sudhi Wadhani Ceremony. Upcara is intended for someone who is recently believed that the Hindu religion is the belief that is in his heart. In other words, this ceremony is the inaugural ceremony or an endorsement against someone who has embraced the Hindu religion. Someone who changed the conviction to be adherents of Hinduism in the absence of coercion and pressure will be accepted either by the religious leaders and adherents of Hinduism.
Sudhi Wadhani ceremony
Sudhi Wadhani ceremony

Sudhi Wadhani ceremony has the meaning the words sanctification. The term Sudhi Wadhani derives from two words, namely Sudhi and Wadhani. Sudhi means offering or purification, is being said wadhani contains the meaning of words/words. A person who has embraced the Hindu religion is considered a holy man like a newborn baby, had no sin whatsoever. Regardless of his age or how big the sins that have been committed will be removed and will become a new, clean without sin.
For the procession Sudhi Wadhani, terbagai into 3 parts, namely small ceremonies, rites and ceremonies, was great. each type has a different gear ceremony. A small ceremony requires equipment such as water, flower, incense, and bija. Meanwhile, the equipment need to be prepared to hold the ceremony are, among others, basma sandalwood water, fire, bija, and hibiscus. Lastly, a big ceremony requires equipment such as prayascita, byakala, tataban, and water. The Lord is witness this ceremony were led by this ceremony is representative of Parishada Hindu Dharma Indonesia.

And what are the stages that must be traversed by new adherents of Hinduism? Holder tahapan-tahapannya. First, the new population will be asked to come to the place of performance of the ceremony Sudhi Wadhani. Usually used is the place of the temple. Second, the master of ceremonies then say their praise-praise for Sanghyang Widhi Wasa. Before doing this, the ceremonies of new adherents must run the Byakala ceremony, the ritual of cleansing ourselves of all negative influences that are still attached to her. Third, the master of ceremonies then organized a ritual purification ceremony, the Prayascita of various negative influences so that it embraces a new soul will emit an aura of positive. Fourth, the ceremony continued with the Tataban ceremony in which adherents and master of ceremonies will say their prayers as a form of gratitude to God Almighty. Lastly, the master of ceremonies read out the statement which contains the entry of new adherents of Hinduism officially. The cassock would be new to the discourse of the PHDI. The discourse of rights and obligations that must be implemented by a new Hindu adherents

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