Bali is still the favorite So travelers on KTF 2018

Bali became the most sought after destinations by visitors to Compass Travel Fair (KTF) 2015. "In most exhibition on booking the package 3 days 2 nights Bali," said Manager Dwidaya Idwan KompasTravel to Tour, when found on the sidelines of events Compass Travel Fair 2015, Jakarta Convention Center, Sunday (30/8/2015).

Island bali of indonesia amazing culture
It says it has sold 20 package tour Bali for three days organizing the Compass Travel Fair 2015. Visitors who buy packages of Bali, advanced Idwan, dominated by newly married couples.

A similar case is also said by the Manager Service Team Smailing Tour, Widya Tamara. "For the most domestic destinations of interest by the visitors was Bali," he said.

He added other destinations, airline tickets to Bali has also become the most widely requested. Widya reasoned, the visitors also prefer to simply buy a ticket and then plan your trip independently.

In the infrastructure and tourist attractions in Bali into advantages over other package destinations-destinations offered by the Dwidaya Tour. "In Bali without being in the city, his view is already good. The streets are already easy paced. Its been okay, "said Idwan.

Compass Travel Fair 2015 is the title of the fourth tourism fairs organized times daily Kompas. This exhibition was held in the bird-Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, 28-30 August 2015.

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