Full list of cheap hotels in Bali

Cheap hotels in Bali compare hotel prices here in Bali, find the promo information hotels at the best prices here and the message through our hotel in Bali.

Holidays in Bali should not always draining your wallet, for those of you who want to have a good holiday in Bali yet still frugal, here is the solution. First you should know the place or tourist sites in Bali and the path to get there. Both of you are looking for this type of transport is cheap in Bali and the third most important are booking cheap hotels in Bali.

Full list of cheap hotels in Bali Indoesia
The following list of lodging and cheap hotel in Bali with prices starting from Rp. 50,000 s/d 300,000 per night per room. Please click on the hotel name to see the details of the hotel.

Cheap hotels in Seminyak Kerobokan/Bali
1. Guess the House Hostel
2. M Hostel
3. My Place Hostel Batubelig

Cheap hotel in Legian Bali

1. Gong Corner Homestay
2. CX Hostel Legian
3. CX Hostel Ground Zero
4. Beneyasa Beach Hotel II
5. Castle Ganesh Inn
6. Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel
7. Simpang Inn

Cheap hotels in Kuta/Tuban Bali

1. Amaris Hotel Sunset Road
2. CX Hostel Kuta Raya
3. Nau Here Hostel
4. Denayu Cottage Homestay
5. Bedbunkers Hostel 2-Beachwalk
6. The Tirtha Inn Cabin Upgrade
7. Anucara & Hotel Bungalow
8. Karana Residence Kuta Bali
9. Hidden Oasis Bed & Breakfast
10. Hotel Maria
11. Huts Times Homestay

Cheap hotels in Canggu Bali
1. Canggu Stay
2. Surfers House
3. Surf Stay Marshy
4. Matra Surf Camp Bali Guest House

Cheap hotel in Jimbaran Bali

1. Palma Bed And Breakfast

Cheap hotels in Ubud Bali

1. The Ubud Hostel
2. Teba House Ubud Guest House
3. the Swan Inn
4. Nyoman News Accomodation (Nyoman News hotels)
5. Jungut Inn
6. Arjana Bungalows 2
7. Kori Bali 2 inn
8. Arsa Homestay
9. Wijaya Guest House

Cheap hotels in Kerobokan/Bali Seminyak

1. Guess the House Hostel

Cheap hotels in Denpasar, Bali

1. Hostel World, The Eco-Living
2. Griya Widhi Guest House
3. Chandra Adigraha Hotels
4. Chess Adi Putra Hotel by Shailendra
5. Grand Chandra
6. The cottage 828 Guest House
7. Cottage Garden 828 Guest House
8. Hotel Puri Royan
9. Sugiras Living Guest House
10. Rainbow Bali Homestay
11. Studio8
12. Bali Rama Homestay
13. Purple Sari Homestay
14. Hotel News Two

Cheap hotels in Uluwatu Bali

1. Bali Golden Elephant Hoste
2. Belong Bunter Homestay
3. The Ungasan Hill House
4.3D Homestay

Cheap hotel in country of Bali

1. Identity of the Hotel

Cheap hotel Singaraja Bali
1. Central Hotel

Cheap hotels in Kintamani Bali

1. Kintamani Backpackers

Cheap hotels in Lovina Bali

1. Indra Temple Hotel
2. Perama Cottages and Restaurant

Cheap hotel in Sanur Bali

1. Cocoa Boga Guest House
2. the Pollok and Lemayeur Beach Front Hotel
3. Villa Hotel and Restaurant Kesari
4. The Yuma Bali Hotel
5. Sari bungalows, Homestay

Cheap hotels in Lembongan Island Bali

1. The mother of 7 Bungalows

Cheap hotels in Tulamben Bali

1. Paradise Palm Beach Bungalows

Cheap hotel in Amed Bali

1. Rays 2 Bali Bungalows
2. Beautiful Dunes Homestay

Cheap hotel in Munduk Bali

1. Bebau Cottage

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