Shipping Purchases Home

In my 26 years of travel in China I have found many wonderful things to buy.  Most of them I have brought home on the plane with me including a 2.5 foot tall hand painted vase.  I have shipped a rug and a special embroidery home but that is all.  My experience with clients shipping purchases home

as been good and some poor.  If the item gets broke in shipping you have a claim on it however you do not have the item that you purchased either.  Chinese are experts at packing purchases for travel.  I have brought home silk comforters, pottery, and antiques of many kinds without any breakage either in special packages or in my suitcase.  Rugs and artwork they usually have you sign the item some place on it so that when you receive it you know it is what you purchased.  If not sent by air, ship can often take up to 2 months so one needs to be patient.  I often have bought a second suitcase just for purchases that I have bought for family and friends for the Holidays.  They may be purchased at Bargain shopping booths for little money.  Ask your guide for help. 

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