Bali Coffee There Will Be A Competition Barista

International exhibition InterFOOD Hotel and Tourism Bali 2015 took place in Nusa Dua Convention Center, 3-5 September 2015. In this biennial event will be held exhibitions Bali Bali Coffee Expo Expo, Packaging and Bali Wine and Spirits.

President Director of PT Kristamedia Pratama, David D Salim says, this show will be filled by a variety of activities, such as seminars, contest and exhibition.

Bali Coffee Competition"We want to make the culinary as part of a tourist destination. So that through the event could open deeper insights for entrepreneurs in the culinary field, aspiring entrepreneur, so they at least have a basic knowledge in their fields, "he said.
He continued, this time will raise the InterFOOD theme of Bali Coffee Expo, All Packaging and Bali Bali Wine & Spirits.
"Why Bali Coffee Service in the exhibition this time. Because local commodity export results Bali which has been coffee is worldwide, "he said.
Because with this type of coffee is very good, fertile soil due to the spread of volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Batur, Bali coffee is known as mountain coffee.
"A mix of textures, soft and flavored coffee aroma is typical among the mix of Earth (ground), Balinese coffee is very special," he said. So it will be done anyway in the regional matches class expertise in the field of coffee by showing Indonesian Barista Championship.

There is also a race of Latte Art Championship, Indonesia Indonesia Cup Tasters Championship and Indonesia Brewers Cup.
"There were also seminars on basic knowledge about coffee on coffee beans, the way a good coffee and distorted ways of showing expertise in presenting the coffee barista. This is a very good followed by beginners in the field of coffee, aspiring entrepreneur or the owner of the cafe, cafe to increase knowledge about coffee in depth, "he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the specialty coffee Association of Indonesia (action), A Syafrudin said, it will feature a coffee production from throughout Indonesia including showing the variation between Robusta and Arabica.
"We bring some coffee farmers and will supported variant copies. There is also the process of coffee via the process of wet milled, dried minced. Coffee Coffee and natural honey or honey, we will show variations, "he said.

Later in the competition and the art barista latee, participants will present a new nuance blending coffee the coffee industry in the world.
"Retail is going to so reference for a friend to open a cafe and we have the authority to bring a champion in Bali to Jakarta, then champion of Jakarta to the champions of the world. Golnya this event we want to be able to lift up the lives of coffee farmers Indonesia as the tip of the spear, "he said.
"So we also want control of the coffee industry in the upper and lower bound on the true rule. So it's not ambiguous in the industry. This is also to promote the tourism industry of Bali and Indonesia, "he said.
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