Western Food in China

Most tourists can only handle Chinese food for so many days on a tour and want some good western food.  Breakfasts in most hotels and I say most, have a wide selection of both Asian and Western food.  Western tourists have declined a bit in the last three years and Asian tourists because they now have money have become the #1 tourist in China.   So food at hotels, cruises and buffets everywhere is now much more Asian.   So selecting a good tour operator who knows China well is important for private tours.  Group tours is a different story with mostly Asian foods and
limited western food available. So it may be best to have several dinners on your own so you can select what you like.  Private tours take that into consideration.  Group Tours is what you see is what you get unfortunately.
As last resort there is always fast food but don't expect it to be the same as in the U.S.  KFC mostly is spicy chicken but good if you like it spicy.  McDonalds is the closest I have found to western McDonalds as a comparison.  There are other western  fast food restaurants but expect to have the menu reflect Asian tastes.  It is the same in the U.S. when we have Chinese food made to western tastes.  My Chinese friends who have come to Seattle can not believe what we call Chinese food which is very unlike theirs.  I often have to take them down to the Chinese district for dinner where it is closer to their likes.  You will not get dog, cat or donkey meat in Chinese restaurants unless you go to those that serve it.  Few do.  Same as in some southern states we serve exotic meats like alligator, snake and others.   Food can be a wonderful experience or delicate one depending on how adventurous you can be.  My first alligator I thought would be terrible but I love it now when I go south.   Food is an important part of the culture and you should at least try everything once to make your China tour a culture enrichment....at least my wife says so.  For more information on foods in China feel free to ask me....  interlak@eskimo.com   My name is Dave and I enjoy sharing my  knowledge of China from my 26 years of travel throughout the country. 

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