Travel Sickness and What To Do!

I have been to China 55 times over 26 years and only got sick one time.  I ate with some Farmers in the countryside but they were so nice and the husband had just retired that day from teaching.  I keep antibiotics with me at all times and was fine in 3 days.  Two things are common in most countries with the change of diet.  One is diarrhea and the other is constipation.  Chinese use MSG in most sauces and this can cause constipation so beware of eating too many foods with sauces in them.  The rule for not getting diarrhea is DO NOT DRINK TAP WATER...even in 5 star hotels.  Drink bottled water and it is available everywhere.  Do not buy bottled water at major sites from sellers.  Do Not eat at booths on the streets.  9 out of 10 times you will be o.k. but it is the 10th one that could land you in the hospital.  Travel adjustments are not only Time Change but also Diet Change which can take a few days too.   Take remedies with you but also ask your guide in an emergency to visit a local pharmacy.  Local remedies are often very good and natural.  For more information on illness and what to do about it contact me at  interlak@eskimo.com    My name is Dave and I am always glad to be able to help you whether you are a customer or not.  Below is my good friend Dr. Ho of Chinese Traditional Medicine Fame.  He is now retired in a small village and almost 90 years old.  He has researched natural medicine for many years with his father and now his son and daughter in law are taking over.  There is a wonderful museum that they built to visit in the village near the city of LiJiang.

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