Tipping in China

How much to tip, when to tip and who to tip are questions I receive all the time.  Tipping up until about 10 years ago was expressly forbidden. Signs were up at hotels  "No Tipping Allowed".  It was considered western bribery then.  Today that has changed as western customs have invaded China.
Tipping in hotels other than perhaps the bell boy for taking your luggage to your room but then only a small amount is necessary.  (can be done in Dollars if you do not have yuan on arrival)  There is a service charge of usually 15% already in your hotel cost.  It is the same in restaurants.  Most times if you leave a tip in a restaurant the server must give it to the manager or owner.  Tips of course are given to guides and drivers when you are on a tour.  Your tour operator can give you a suggestion on the amount.  Tips are given at the end of the tour in each city usually in an envelope from the hotel.  The guides and drivers will quickly put it away with a short thank you.  It may take a few generations to learn to accept tips for good service.  I think it is because the culture has for so long had bribes as a way of life and it is often still done with officials that you may have read about.  Culture changes take time. interlak@eskimo.com   My name is Dave and I will not  put you on any spam list or push you to do a tour with me. 
Taking a taxi no tip is expected but you round off the amount on the meter to the next yuan.  Be aware that taking a toll way from or to the airport, the toll is added to the cost on the meter.  You will find most taxi drivers honest.  At the airports do not take a taxi if someone asks you if you would like a taxi as they are very high priced and not legal.  There is a taxi line that goes quickly and the starter speaks English.  You need only know the hotel where you would like to be taken.

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