Tourist destinations of bali's very fun night

The island of Bali is indeed endless. The beautiful panorama as if never make anyone feel bored. Pleasure trip in Bali was not only presented when it was still light only. Because the nightfall did not stop giving the feel of a vacation lure. What are the tourist attractions in Bali night exciting and fun?


Are at Uluwatu in the evening, you will enjoy the atmosphere that is so beautiful and romantic. You can see the beauty of Uluwatu Temple in the evening, while watching the dancers who performed dance kecak. Kecak dance is a traditional dance from Bali to the hugely popular abroad. When you come before dusk, then could see the beauty of the sun sinks in the West horizon so enchanting. Then dine on delicious dishes on the beach of Jimbaran.

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Bali Zoo

Usually during the afternoon ahead of the Zoo was closed. But not for Bali Zoo, due to visit this zoo is not limited time during the day only. During the evening you can also enjoy the sensation of being in the Zoo at night. The Zoo is located in Gianyar area that holds about 350 animal tail of 65 species.

So by visiting this zoo at night, you can see up close their activity during the night. During this time no doubt Zoo visitors can only see it during the daytime only. A unique experience and you'll get the exact spots for you. This destination is perfect for a night tour in Bali.

Sugar Club Seminyak

Nightlife is highly recommended for a visit. In this place you will enjoy delicious food and drink accompanied by chanting a refreshing music. Spend the night in this place gives its own memories for tourists.

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Tips when travelling at night in Bali

Because I travel at night, then apply the action to the crime prevention is very important. It is strongly recommended to wear clothes that covered more especially for women. Wearing the jacket is highly recommended to protect the body of Eve evening can just pose a health nuisance attacks.

When you use public transportation, make sure it is easy to get it when you and your vacation will be home to the Inn. The most appropriate way is you follow the night tour travel agents who are already trusted and professional. So you feel more comfortable and secure. No need to bother to search for attractions on their own and can go home comfortably.

To avoid pencopetan, then make sure put money, wallet and other valuables in a safe or hidden. Don't forget to bring your best camera, to capture keseruan in the night tourist sites in Bali.

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