Tourist destinations in East bali

Bali indonesia , Almost every region offers different exoticism. One of Bali region is loaded with attractions that are so admired by tourists is the East Bali. There are lots of interesting sights to visit in the region of East Bali. Types of attractions that dominated in the region of East Bali is the object of religious tourism in which here there are many magnificent temples and buildings were still crowded by the people of Bali as a place of worship. Mock buildings here surely has something to do with the history of the development of Hinduism in Bali island. Do not be surprised if later events your holiday in Bali will be filled with the agenda of the visit to the temples as well as being a tourist attraction here.
The building pretending only one place that you can visit in East Bali. In addition to temples, there are still many references list other vacation spots you must visit here. Call it the beach. Bali is an island rich in scenic beaches nan enchant. The beaches are on the East Bali is also famous with its crystal clear water, clean, and landscapes under the sea is a very amazing. Many tourists who look happy to dive in the beaches of East Bali. References to other interesting tourist attractions in the region of East Bali is Kertagosa. Kertaosa is an old heritage building colonial Netherlands Government. It was the Court building during the colonization of the Netherlands. Heritage buildings such as the Netherlands in General, Court building has the typical architectural style of the Netherlands.

There are also attractions of Goa Lawah. True to its name, this became Goa Lawah places his life hundreds and even thousands of bats. During the day the tourists can see the thousands of bats hanging enjoy their bedtime. The village of Tenganan is becoming a reference tourist destinations the next sweetie if you miss. This village of Tenganan is traditional Balinese village. Why is it called the traditional village? Because in this village the tourists can encounter a wide range of activities that still use traditional ways.

A series of other popular tourist attractions that you can visit in East Bali's mother temple of Besakih, among others, the beaches of Amed, Kintamani, Padang Bai, Tulamben, rafting trip on the river Steel, Garden Tips, and rice field view sidemen who are very beautiful. No doubt you're confused tourist attractions where you will visit first. But certainly, prepare all your vacation needs in advance so that your vacation agenda runs smoothly. Bali island will become one of the tourist places that give you an extraordinary vacation experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

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