This is A Cheap and good quality shopping tour in Bali

Sights in Bali has become the most visited destination for tourists both from domestic and from abroad. A holiday to Bali certainly felt less complete if we haven't bought or buy a variety of goods goods typical of Bali as recalls and also by the memories by friends or family at home.
good quality shopping tour in Bali
Shopping tour in Bali

The following are some of the most visited places by tourists. The place is never crowded by visitors due to its affordable price shopping tour. In that area there are a lot of different choices of goods ranging from food, clothes, typical Balinese knick knacks, and other objects that are typical of Bali. What are these places?
Krisna Bali

It could be said that this is a gift by in Bali. Souvenirs/Gift by this one offers a variety of choices by by a very complete. In addition, the store is also offering Bali Krisna time freely for its visitors to shop there because this store is open 24 hours so you are free at any time to visit and shop there.

For its own, Krisna Bali is situated on Jln. Raya Tuban, Kuta, Bali. If you drive from the Ngurah Rai airport, Bali Krisna location is close enough that is just 5 minutes away.

In this shopping attractions, you can easily find a wide variety of souvenirs, typical Balinese. A selection of t-shirts with cartoon images of Bali made independently by Krisna Bali also can be found here with a unique design, funny, creative, and interesting. In addition to t-shirts, you can also buy snacks, typical Balinese bed cover, crafts, bag creations, the knick knacks, sculpture, paintings, silver, Wicker, and much more.

The quality of the goods offered in the store by by is also very nice and will not disappoint. Nevertheless, the reserved price you also need not worry because even though by by here tend to be exclusive but the price is cheaper than the other – by the Center in Bali.
Bali Kuta Art Market

Shopping Tour

During this if talking about the famous market in Bali, Sukawati Market answer is of course. However, if you are looking for other alternatives that cost cheaper and selection of goods not less complete is Kuta art market.

This market is located near Kuta Bali, more precisely at Jln. Kartika Plaza. The shopping attractions begin to open at 8 a.m. in the morning until 7: 00 pm local time. Not inferior to Pasar Seni Sukawati market, Kuta is also visited by many tourists because of its fairly close to Kuta Beach and so facilitate the visitors see – see while running looked beautiful Kuta Beach Bali.

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