The source of the hot springs at Yeh Sanih, Singaraja, Bali

Already tired of the Kuta Beach and the tourist destination of it-that's it when in Bali? Kuta Beach may indeed became an icon of tourism in Bali, Bali but still has many other attractions that are compulsory to visit. One of the alternative attractions that you can visit in Bali is Yeh Sanih is offering a chance to play with the experience would have been very different.

Yeh Sanih, Singaraja, Bali
Sanih, Singaraja, Bali

If you're tired of playing with the flavors of salt sea water, you will definitely love to play warmer fresh water in a place that had water Air Sanih. The location of these hot springs are located approximately 15 km from Singaraja Bali. Singaraja community believe that bathing in the hot spring water comes from Lake Batur is located hundreds of kilometres from this place. The water that flowed directly from the springs is often used in religious ceremonies in Bali.

You may like to visit Lovina Beach and maybe stay at Lovina Beach Resort. You should not miss the opportunity to visit the thermal baths of this because it is not far from Lovina beach. You will find peace because this tourist location away from the noise of civilization. You can also enjoy a moment of relaxation in the middle of a hot spring is green and beautiful.

So Yeh Sanih entering the area, you can simply soak your body in the water to feel the sensation of a warm water massage on the whole body. The water coming from the hot springs later this sea empties will be located not far from the location of the baths. Thus, you can also enjoy views of the sea right in front of the thermal baths are open to the public.

A very different experience will you feel when enjoying the hot water massage the body while enjoying stunning views of the sea. However, outdoor hot water with direct view to the sea is not the only tourist attraction in this place because you can also find a temple built for Lord Vishnu named the temple Stone Huts.

Temple Stone Cottage stands between the road and the beach at a distance of approximately seven kilometres to the East of Yeh Sanih. The uniqueness that is owned by this temple are finely carved limestone in the middle of the temple. Not far from the thermal baths, you can also find an Art Gallery Art Zoo which houses the works of diverse storage Symon which are by American artists ranging from painting to sculpture with a cheerful high artistic taste. The art gallery was opened to the public from 8: 00 to 18: 00.

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