The Sensation Of Walking On Water In Bali Sea Walker

The name Bali holiday trips usually are not going to travel all the way from the beach or the sea. Indeed, Bali is known as the location of the tourist destination that offers not only natural beauty but also a cultural richness which is still strong but still in the middle of society. However, the charm of the beach and sea of Bali indeed could not be denied that many visitors will not miss the opportunity to enjoy water games or even the underwater beauty of the waters around the island of Bali.

To enjoy the underwater beauty of the waters around the island of Bali, you can pay a visit to some of the best known dive spots have wonderful views. To enjoy it, you can dive or snorkel around enough surface. However, You certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the sensai runs under the water while enjoying and being in the middle of biodiversity waters around Bali through Bali Sea Walker. You could not enjoy this experience in any place because you can only enjoy them on the beach of Sanur.

You can walk on the ocean floor with a charming view of the sea bottom after using a special helmet that gives You oxygen breathing experience like while in the Mainland. These activities match conducted by the family because both adults and children at least nine years old can enjoy the sensai runs beneath the surface of the water.

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You will not be hassle to enjoy the experience of running under water along the Bali Sea Walker, because you will be picked up to a location of your stay for later transfer to the Sanur Beach towards the pontoon sea walker at the dive sites. In that location, you will get an explanation either orally or via video from the team trainer. These include a variety of explanations for the code with the fingers to communicate underwater.

After that, you will be given a special natinya footwear you'll use to run under the sea along with key lockers that can be used to store Your luggage during a trip under the Sea you. No more than 10 minutes by boat, participants will be taken to the pontoon to then go down to the sea using ladders to reach the depths of the Sea 3-7 meters. After enjoying the view and the sea-dweller with the tussle for 30 minutes, participants will be sent again to the ground using a boat to then enjoy lunch at local restaurant.

You certainly can't miss the opportunity to enjoy the experience of running below sea level because of the Bali Sea Walker located in Sanur is the only sea walker in Bali. Helmets used for sea walker will supply water from the top of udarapeserta and designed. Users can enjoy-lens glasses or underwater scenery without having to take off these vision AIDS.

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