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Silver shopping tour in the villages of Celuk

The village of Celuk is a village in Bali which become tourist destinations for both local and foreign tourists. Why is the village of Celuk is popular? Because the village of Celuk has advantages and uniqueness so that it became one of the places that are recommended as an attractive tourist spot. Most of the inhabitants of the village of Celuk is silversmiths. They are highly skilled in making various types of crafts made of silver. Thanks to the skill they have, most of the population who is this famous silversmiths as a silversmith. At first the number of silversmiths here a bit. Because the number of tourists visiting the island of the gods more and more, the more demand for silver will also here in Bali. As a result, many of the villagers are of Celuk profession as silversmiths.
Silver shopping
Silver shopping

Curious what kind of silver produced by the silversmiths in Celuk Village? There are quite a lot of this type of silver that you can find in a widespread art shops in Bali. And most of the silver paper is made in the artisan village of Celuk. The usual types of silver are found such as various types of jewelry (cincing, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces), brooches, ornate (fan-shaped ornaments, miniature rickshaw, horse, motorcycle, boat, etc.), accessories, display as sculptures, and many other types of silver. There was also silver for tableware and kitchen utensils such as spoons, forks, spoons, spoon vegetable, rice bowl (a tool used as a Hindu prayer ceremony), plates, glasses, cups, etc.

You are interested to buy it, check first the price Yes. Almost all silver items sold here are already equipped with the tagprice bersimbol u.s. dollar currency. Then that makes it even more interesting is all silver items have already been linked and laid out in such a way according to its category. Such categories kitchen utensil and the dining table, the category of jewelry, and ketagori decoration and ornament. So visitors who want to buy silver would not be confused as to where they should be walking.

How about the price? The price is variable. There is a very affordable and there is also a diberandol at a very fantastic. The price will be adjusted with a level of difficulty and complexity of the design of the silver itself. The harder and the more complicated the design of silver, the price is more expensive. Curious with the price of termurahnya? Cheapest prices are pegged by traders of silver is around Rp. 30,000, while termahalnya price is around Rp. 10,000,000. Silver that cost up to tens of millions of these are usually in the form of decoration or display large size, such as a statue. Your objection about the price, you still can kok menawarnya being cheaper again.
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