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Reliving the past in Bali the island of gods

The past is indeed wonderful to be remembered. There are things that might be always faithful in memory even though it has tens of years gone by. Let alone the memories with the family may be the most memorable and difficult to forget.

I always thought of my mother's stories about his travels with the late father to Bali. At that time my mother was pregnant a little over 8 months. The second child in the mother's womb as it is me. The mother had already cancelled the invitation to Bali were due to the condition of her pregnancy and was worried the fetus in her womb. However, it cannot be cancelled because my mother had a responsibility as Chairman of Dharma Wanita who shall be fully responsible for the activities at the Office or in the field. Finally the mother also took part in the trip to Bali despite a two-body and almost stepped on a nine months. It was accompanied by the deceased father who felt concerned with the condition of the mother. The children's mother and their late father and groups of mothers of Dharma Wanita from Office to Bali.

Imagine how the fuss being a mother who had to walk around to get there. Hear the story of mother imaginable drudgery of hers at the time. Moreover, when visiting the Sangeh inhabited tens even hundreds of apes. There started a bit troublesome Word mom. Besides the siege should avoid nosy the apes, any felt exhausted mothers walking around there with two-body conditions.

That's where the role of the deceased father who tried to help the mother to run the task. My late father that much there here replace the mother and mother just silently in many places. So full of his deceased father in the mother at the time. The father of the deceased's full attention on the mother feels so romantic. May also brought the atmosphere of romantic Balinese landscapes. Deceased father and mother being the center of attention to groups of mothers of Dharma Wanita. They both like a newly married couples and look were going to honeymoon in Bali. The late Mr. and Mrs. just smile alone is said to be like that. The mother rightly feel that time deceased father was very romantic.

Time has passed. I was in the womb the mother decades ago are moving up. Mother's story about the wonderful memories with my late father always tell me repeatedly on everyone who hears it faithfully. It may also be a desire on the happy memories of the past with the late Mr. It feels like to go back to invite mother to the island of gods Bali. So the mother could say hello back beautiful memories with my late father in this island of the gods. Reliving the romantic moments together.

Enjoy the Night in Bali

A visit to the Plaza of Vishnu

Who doesn't love the natural beauty of this island of the gods? The blue sea, white sand, culture, arts, natural charm makes love at first sight. The last time to Bali together teteh Enung (my sister's friend) in 2011. Both backpacker to Bali for a few days. Visit Turtle Island, Uluwatu, GWK, Dreamland Beach, Pantai Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Kuta Beach, Legian Beach and browse through the art market. This time it feels like my mom would like to invite back to Bali, in memory of the past and happy memories with the late Mr. mom. Hope this time was chosen to do the dream destinations, themed "Journey to Love" with Garuda Indonesia as a form of affection on mother. 
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