Plan a Vacation like a backpacker to Bali

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Talking about holidays, bali is one of the popular destinations for the young people. Enjoy the beauty of nature tourism and exotic beaches but also comes with a pretty magnificent entertainment center into an attraction all its own. But it is undeniable that the accommodation need to be prepared also does little considering the distance to the island of the gods, this requires you to travel the sea line (crossing) or directly by using the aircraft. Well, for those of you who want to save the cost can start planning a vacation a la backpaker to Bali. Here are a few tips to help persiapanmu
Choose Cheap accommodation

It could be said that the accommodation is one of the important factors in our vacation budget. Backpaker to Bali-style vacations usually chose to use a cheap ticket and cheap lodging as well. For plane tickets, nowadays many airline repeatedly doing promo special fares to Bali. You can use this as an alternative an attractive option. If could not have luggage, simply use the free maximum 7 kg of cabin baggage only. So don't bring your suitcase you should use duffel bag and carry away clothing to taste. For those of you who live on the island of Java, the bus can be an alternative option. But due to travel on the bus could take 1 more day should buy a bus ticket for the return trip only. As for the trip to Bali cheap aircraft use.

The backpacker to bali

For lodging, you can select a budget class lodgings usually ranges from 100 thousand per day and can be used for 2-3 persons. For everyday transportation should you rent a motorcycle. Bali pretty solid traffic and frequent crashes, especially the area around Denpasar and Which. Can imagine how the taxi meter you should pay if it jammed. By renting a motor you just pay $ 20,000-$ 30,000 per day. If go en masse can also rent a car the size of the cost is pretty cheap Avanza can be around Rp 450,000 per 3 days.
Choose A Cheap Tourist Attractions

If you are planning a vacation to Bali backpaker ala should choose the appropriate budget attractions. Most of the beaches such as tanah Lot and Which does not attract entry fee, usually just parking tickets only. When you want to go to the mountainous area can go to the temple, the hanging garden, and Kintamani. Here you only have to take into account the accommodation and the food just because there is no entrance fee. It is recommended not to go to Bali Safari and Marine Park because the ticket is very expensive price could reach Rp 250.000,-per person. If you like to throw a little money could try out various water sports games in Tanjung Benoa. You have to prepare Rp 60,000.00 for banana boat per person. For other sports, you have to provide the $ 100,000.00 per person

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