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If you belong to one of the fan of coffee, you certainly are familiar with news about the fragrance and pleasure of coffee in Bali. Coffee flavor of this one was already very famous and can make the consumer demand be forgotten themselves. A very delicious coffee flavor might make you curious where coffee is grown so that one can produce a very delicious and flavors other than regular coffee.
Coffee Lover bali
Coffee Bali

For that you can just visit a plantation which is currently been used as Agro tourist attraction called the country. In addition to this plantation can see the coffee plant, you will also find other horticulture crops.

Agro Tourism the country standing on the land with a total area of approximately 1 hectare. This plantation in the area, visitors can see the chocolate and coffee plants as well as several fruit crops buahan by the nuances and refreshing atmosphere. In addition to the fun, visitors are also given the opportunity to sample the coffee drinks that are the result of coffee beans are grown in this agro tourism. This will certainly be a memorable experience and provide an attraction all its own.

This tourist attraction area laid out with very interesting so it looks neat, clean, and beautiful. This area has also been equipped with a trekking has been provided specifically for the visitors who come here so it makes it easier for visitors to explore the beauty that is offered in this tourism object as a whole. On the estate there are also a few animals such as monkeys, birds, bats and Civet, which increasingly add to the lively atmosphere in the area of agro-tourism on this one.

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In essence, the creation of Agro Tourism of the country was created with the aim to support the tourism sector participated in this island of the gods. Therefore, this tourist attraction has been supported by a wide range of facilities to make visitors more comfortable while visiting agro tourism. These facilities include restrooms, rest areas, lodging, and ample parking area.

The support of the local people of Bali to advance the tourism industry in this province to make Bali can still exist and always provide the best for every tourist who visit there.

For those of you who are interested to visit this tourist agro, Agro Tourism area of the country is located in the village of Singapadu, Sukawati, Bali. If you are from the center of Denpasar city, you would travel a distance of about 4 km or just need a travel time of approximately 20 minutes.

This attraction can become one of the attractive tourist destinations while you're on holiday in Bali. In addition to the coffee plant can see Bali, here you can also see a wide variety of plants other horticulture in Bali so as to be able to add your insight.

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