Mengenang Masa Lalu di Pulau Dewata Bali

Never heard anecdotes about Bali, a conversation with an Indonesian bule, "Do you ever go to Indonesia?" | "Indonesia? never....., but I ever go to Bali ". You'll laugh when you hear that conversation is amused, sometimes indeed Bali abroad more popular appeal of Indonesia itself.

But the story is not all happening in the world, Bali is one of the icons of Indonesia is Indonesia and worldwide, such as the famous France with its Eiffel Tower, or the great wall of China, the pyramids of Egypt or with him. Seabrek nickname was familiar in teling us to describe the dashyatnya the beauty of bali, island of the gods, just call it the island Temple of a million, and the latter got nicknamed the island of Love because one of the selected location as a place to plot the Hollywood movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE starring Julia Roberts that his shooting was done on the island of Bali.

A when I've conversed online with people from America, after introductions and mention the respective countries of origin, "me from America, where" you said, "I'm from Indonesia, you know it?", he thought for a moment then he enthusiastically replied, "ahaa.. I know, yah in Bali Indonesia? "he.. He. .. for a moment I was smiling, clever;. He knows the Indonesia island of Bali because it is more familiar, indeed if arguably Bali's most Indonesia.

The island of Bali, is one of the tourist destinations that were never bored to visit, in addition to being a very exotic landscape panoramas and beautiful, Bali is also famous for its fusion of cultural uniqueness and the hospitality of its people as well as the Customs and traditions that are not found in any other tourist destination. A series of world reputation has been pinned to the island of bali. It's no wonder then the awards continue to haunt the island of Bali, Bali was again elected last year As the world's best Tourist Island for the eighth time by leading tourism magazine in the United States (us) Travel + Leisure.

For the level of Asia Bali again won 1st place as The Best Islands in Asia Awards 2010 in the world's Best Award 2010 organized by Travel and Leisure magazine. So also in Asia Pacific, the island of Bali returned was crowned as the best tourist destination Island in Asia Pacific (Best Island Destination in the Asia-Pacific Asia Pacific) at The Fifth Annual DestinAsian Readers ' Choice Awards, in February 2010 and the tourist island of Bali is a favorite of foreign tourists, especially the largest ones according to the statistical data, i.e. by Japan and Australia Tourist. Language of the United Kingdom is the third language (and the primary foreign language) for many Balinese people that were affected by a large industry needs its tourism. Employees who work in the tourist centres, information and guide tourists in Bali, often also understand some of the foreign language with adequate competencies.

One scene the movie EAT PRAY LOVE

No doubt again that Bali has a wide range of nature and holiday attractions include the beaches, mountains, rice fields and villages even residents with a unique and distinctive culture, historic places and of course the natural beauty that is very charming. We must have seen or heard the story of the beauty of the beach of Sanur, Nusa Dua Beach, Kuta Beach, and Jimbaran Beach, Sukawati, Ubud Market, Kintamani, and other attractions.

But in addition to his glamour Bali in the eyes of International, Bali is also facing various problems, such as the influence of the culture and issues of environmental sustainability. The authorities also need to be concerned about the negative influence of foreign cultures and globalization that continues to erode the cultural uniqueness of the East of Indonesia, especially regarding the lifestyle as well as free pergaualan which is currently into "regular" in the tourist area of bali island. Club night-club keeps popping up and mushrooming around tourist sites and ditertibakan also needs to be regulated by clear rules. Not to mention the environmental problems around the tourist areas that need to be preserved from excessive exploitation of the perpetrator-perpetrators of the Tourist Industry, such as Kuta Beach which is currently enough hygiene conditions of concern.

As well as his new nickname as Bali island as the "island of love", in addition to our proud Nation as an icon of Indonesia, Bali is also worthy of our loved ones and watch as the assets Of Indonesia.

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