Interesting sights in Gianyar Bali

Gianyar is a Regency in Bali that offers a variety of unique and exciting attractions for tourists. Many area attractions in Gianyar area which has been very well known by foreign and domestic tourists. In addition to cultural and natural tourism, Gianyar Bali is also an attractive destination for entertainment seekers. Here are some of the interesting attractions in Gianyar.
Cultural tourism and entertainment

Gianyar Senggol market is one of the many sights worth visiting tourists. The market is a culinary tourism is a paradise for tourists who want to spoil her tongue. Many offer a variety of hawker markets made from recipes and ingredients native to the region of Gianyar.
Gianyar Bali interesting
Gianyar Bali

For tourists who want to enjoy a cultural Village, Gianyar Sidan can become an attractive destination. The original village was one of the kingdoms in Bali with the same name. A beautiful natural panorama is the first thing that is offered by the cultural village. In addition to Village panoramanya Sidan also offers various other attractions. Pura Dalem Sidan is one of the many unique buildings visited by tourists. The temple dating from the 17th century is decorated with various beautiful carvings and reliefs. To the West of the temples built barong Barong Taru venues staging Cruelster. In the northeast of the village there is a temple Hills Camplung standing on top of a hill. In the temple there is a carving of ancient writings that still haven't been able to read until now.

Pura Samuan Tiga will not only be interesting cultural attractions but also an object of historical significance. The construction of the temple during the time of King Udayana was a symbol of the religious sect of some foundries who previously had a hostile.
Natural tourism objects in Gianyar


Saba beach can become an attractive destination for tourists. On the beach, tourists can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the beach while riding. Tourist facilities at this beach is also complete. There are various hotel and cottage accommodation in addition to the settlements inhabitants.

More Beach beauties in Gianyar Regency is of course a pity to miss. This beach is located in the southern part of the District. From the beach, tourists can look directly towards the southern coastline of the island of Nusa Penida. When directing the view toward the East the tourists can see the coastline of the island of Lombok. More Beach layout is indeed adjacent to both the island so it could present an interesting natural panorama. This beach is also an interesting tourist attraction for culinary enthusiasts, because there the tourist can enjoy the sate languan offered lesehan food stalls along the beach.

For the admirers of birds Bali Bird Park at Singapadu Village could be an attractive tourist destination. In the Bird Park, visitors can see a variety of bird species from both local and foreign tourists. The Park is currently inhabited by more than 1000 birds, consisting of 250 types.

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