Explore The Uniqueness Of The Ubud Monkey Forest,Bali

Holiday to Bali, it is very a pity to not visit Ubud Monkey Forest. Located in the tourist area of Ubud is a nature reserve and at the same time there is a complex of temples. That Park is the residence for at least 340 long-tailed macaques or monkey. This very popular tourist attraction, at least in a month there are 10 thousand tourists who visit it.
The tourist area is managed by the residents in the village of Padangtegal Wenara Wana Foundation accompanied by the forest. Although it functioned as a tourist destination, but local citizens while maintaining the sanctity of that Park. So a growing number of domestic and foreign tourists who love being in the Holy places.
The Ubud Monkey Forest,Bali Indonesia
The Ubud Monkey Forest,Bali
Culinary souvenirs and hunting

For those of you who are hunting souvenirs, there are many stores that sell a variety of distinctive hand. Such as silver jewelry, ikat textiles, paintings, wood carvings, baskets and so on. The price offered is relatively cheap, especially if the price bargaining could increasingly skewed.
Enjoy the charms of Ubud

Walk around the area of Ubud into a fun and memorable experience. Because of its natural charm is so beautiful, so as to make anyone feel very comfortable. Motorcycle and bicycle rental are plentiful, you can use it to save time. Bikes are usually preferred, because it tends to be eco-friendly.

But while cycling should be extra vigilant, as Ubud area is filled with the streets uphill and downhill. Because Ubud is a mountainous area. If cycling too draining, renting a motorcycle can be a perfect solution.

The atmosphere at the Ubud Monkey Forest is very comfortable and quiet. You can find different types of trees. Madia Mandala Temple Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal and you may come across. Also found in the area of Holy pond and various other temples are typically utilized in cremation ceremonies.
Accommodation in Ubud

Don't worry if you want to spend the night in the area of Ubud. Since there are many types of lodging, from simple inns to upscale private villas. So it can be customized with Your vacation budget. Lodging rates are offered from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per night.
Transportation access

From the airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Ubud area accessible for one hour with a motor vehicle. If you use a travel agent or have a specific hotel membooking, they usually provide a pick-up service at the airport. If not take a taxi that encountered at the airport. Jalan Monkey Forest is the main road leading to the area of Ubud. Many shops and restaurants in encounter along the way.

Choice of restaurants plentiful along Monkey Forest Road. You can sample cuisine with Balinese flavor to Western cuisine. cooking spare ribs, roasted duck and fried duck is a popular cuisine in the area. Eager to be attracted to Ubud Monkey Forest?

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