Enjoy the thrill of Different Tours in Bali Canyon Tubing

Bali's varied geographical conditions makes it as a perfect tourist spot. This any tourists coming to Bali can not only enjoy the beauty in one place just as a mountain tour or the beach anytime.

Of the many tourist attractions in Bali, there's one unique attractions that Bali Canyon Tubing. These sights are basically identical to the sights that make use of the natural beauty of the panorama in Bali, especially potential River Bali. These sights are located in the Ubud area is famous for its beautiful scenery and cool the air.
BALI INDONESIA Tours in Bali Canyon Tubing

If you include people who water adventure tourism hobby, then you can try all the challenges on offer at these sights. Canyon River Tubing harness the potential in Bali as the primary means of. Here, you can see views of the exotic Bali.

In addition, you may also encounter several types of rare birds which are rarely found in other areas and some of the rare plants that grow on cliffs. The attraction here is almost the same with rafting.

2. Enjoy the sensations of different Tours in Bali Canyon 3 Tubing.

Rafting on the activities, usually those that are in one boat of 4 people. But on activities rafting in Bali Canyon there's only Tubing. In addition, an instructor also did not participate in the course of the water so that the perceived sensation and experience will be different with the rafting. Therefore, it takes great courage and guts to do it.

If you are afraid to do rafting here as only done one person only, you can try the flying fox is no less thrilling. You will be invited to pass right over ngatai is high.

When you look down, you'll see a fairly high cliffs. In addition to rafting and flying fox, there are still some other activities that are not less interesting one was the quad of road. With this vehicle, you will be invited to traverse the slope of the cliff that extreme that almost 70 degrees.

In addition, you will also be invited to tour the plantations and dense forest where there are a number of apes. There, you can dance with the monkeys apes and even ask for photos on an instructor.

Bali has an area of Tubing Canyon around 3 acres. The facilities at these sights are also already adequate as a toilet, parking area, and much more. While visiting here, should you bring a bathing suit, t-shirt, sport shoes, and clothing change.

If you want to visit here, the Canyon is located in the village of Payangan Tubing, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. From Denpasar, you need to travel about 1 hour driving from Denpasar using motor vehicles.

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