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Coast Of Amed, East Bali Paradise

Coast of Amed, East Bali is the beauty ideal by everyone. This is a special haven of incredible beauty, culture, and the people are friendly. Coming here will make you discover the tranquility and peacefulness, eating a delicious culinary delicacies and enjoy a cheap and comfortable accommodation.

AMED has a good dive sites include if you want to learn to dive. It has a coral reef flat and lagoon. You simply swim for five minutes before you can enjoy the stunning scenery.

This location is perfect for divers who are still beginners. AMED has slits – slits rock not to be missed during a dive. Diving activity is very pleasant and suitable for everyone. Diving and snorkeling at Black sandy beach it is a remarkable thing. Different types of fish and sea animals including a number of the best of the other beaches in Bali with a water temperature of 28 degrees.

Segerombol black snapper, Cardinal fish, triggerfish, banner fish, damselfish and Butterfly – kupi pyramid can be seen in the table, the bali reef sand, Acropora, gorgonia fan big, sponges, Dendronephythya tree, crinoid, sponges and sea fans which can be found at a depth of 20 m. ideal for snorkeling activity was started in Cemuluk.

Farther to the South about 4 km along the coast, there are Banyuning where you can find some of the most beautiful reefs and shipwrecks can be seen in the Lesser Sundas. The beach here is quite large and sometimes the waves. This area is perfect for you who already experienced diving.

In the morning, you can pay a visit to the fish market where ipantai in a continuous new tuna comes from the sea. In addition, you can also enjoy beautiful views of the village of Amed in the morning.


Amed beach is located to the northeast of Amlapura. You can reach this location about 30 minutes with four-wheeled vehicles. If you want to ride public transportation, you can take a bus from Denpasar.

From Batubulan terminal to Amlapura require travel approximately 2 hours. After that, take a Bemo to Amed takes about 30 minutes. Usually a minibus stop in the village, but you have to tell the driver that you are delivered straight to the beach Jemeluk.


The actual Amed is the name of a village. Villages in the southern region more attractive. Along the beach there are dozens of places ranging from simple inns to the hotel can be found at a reasonable price


You can find a row of food stalls selling various snacks and rice mix on the coast of Amed. The best restaurants in the area which is about Baliku is 1 km south of Blue Moon. The restaurant is located in the Insecure serves a variety of delicious dishes typical of Indonesia
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