Bali Driver Associations Support The Revitalization Of The Bay Of Benoa

The Association of Transport and Freelance Driver Parisiwata (ASAFP) Bali urged the regional representative Council of INDONESIA agreed to revitalize the Gulf Benoa. It presented the Chairman I Wayan Suarti while following the hearings Committee II with Balinese DPD in Denpasar.

"There is no reason DPD RI to reject revitalization. As a driver I feel our life relies on tourism. After the Bali bombing, I had difficulty living without tourists, "said I Wayan Suarti, Friday (13/2).

Although it gives support for the revitalization of the Bay of Benoa, ASAFP demanded local governments set up a car outside the entrance to Bali. "We want tourists who visited Bali using the car for rent in Bali," added Suarti.

In the same Taxi Driver's Association, Chairman of Bali, Ketut Witari also delivered a similar support. "Initially I refused the revitalization of Bay of Benoa. But after hearing the intent, purpose and benefits of Benoa Bay revitalization, I support because the Benoa Bay revitalization will bring in tourists, "stated Ketut

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