Bali and a wide choice of Gastronomic

If you decide to visit Bali and want to feel the delicious Balinese cuisine of various types, make sure that you will always come up to various places of interest in Bali which is very popular with a wide variety of its cuisine which is fabulous. For example, if you are a connoisseur of seafood, make sure that you will come to Jimbaran and try different types of seafood cuisine in the local restaurants or go to Market a very famous Kedonganan with rupa rupa seafoodnya types such as prawns or fresh fish.

If you have a large budget, went to several famous restaurants in Jimbaran could be the right choice but don't worry for those who come to Bali with a limited budget because they will still be able to enjoy delicious seafood cuisine in the burnt stall on Jimbaran and surrounding areas.
Bali and a wide choice of Gastronomic
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A variety of Culinary Options in Bali

If you are a fan of the cuisine of Mexico, maybe you won't ever Miss Mexico famous dish called Tacos and famous Mexico restaurants in Ubud. For those who like dish chicken and duck, don't forget to visit the restaurant and the crispy chicken is also famous for doing his menu located in Tuban. For those interested in the variety of dishes are spicy, you can also go to the King's famous Spicy Food with a sense of sambalnya and various menu options sambal. You can also sample a variety of local cuisine in Bali which is very famous for its delicious and traditional usage of various seasonings like chicken taliwang, rujak kuah pindang betutu chicken, egg and seasoning various other delicious dishes. To sample a variety of oriental and European cuisine, perhaps you can visit the restaurant Stalls of Bali in Ubud with plenty of Cow options such as delicious pizza or steak, and a variety of oriental dishes such as cap cay, a delicious fried rice or fuyung hai.

Sample The Culinary Variety Of Bali

For fans of spicy, you can enjoy the culinary food spicy culinary cuisine is spicy or if you like traditional dishes you can also buy delicious nasi pecel which is famous for its use of a wide range of traditional herbs in Bali. When you visit Sanur, you can also taste the fish head soup is a very famous stall or the delicious rice mix and rice cake as well as opor ayam which can also be found around Bali. For those interested in the gado-gado, you can also enjoy typical culinary gado gado Bali called tipat catok very famous because of its traditional delights which no tara. So, don't ever miss out on a wide range of culinary delights in Bali with wide choice of menu and you will always feel satisfied when on holiday in this island of the gods.

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