Taman nusa educational tours in Bali

During this time, tourists visiting Bali will typically spend time enjoying the beauty of nature like sea and mountains that have become major tourist options on the island. In addition, you also don't want to miss a variety of tourist attractions related to the Balinese culture still high esteem by its citizens.

However, tourists can not only enjoy Bali when they visit the island often called the island of the gods. Well, if you want to enjoy the tourist attractions that are different from those during this often you enjoy while visiting Bali, it doesn't hurt You to take the time to visit the Gardens of Nusa in the Gianyar Regency. Alternative tourism is still new to this could be an educational tourist destination not only to learn about the history of Balinese civilization but also the civilization of Indonesia serajah wider.

This tourist attraction has advantages first of attractive location with a wonderful view of the surrounding cliffs, pristine forest and rice fields stretch as long as far as the eye can see. After passing the entrance to sights, you will feel the atmosphere of the past with the culture and civilization of Indonesia's traditional society.

Tourist attractions with an area of 15 acres at the Bali Garden Path Klod Blahpane, Banjar Village Sidan and offer views of a typical tropical in Indonesia. Taman Nusa encapsulates various things a typical Indonesia ranging from customs until the work of copyright societies from various periods. Senangsyah Sentosa who is President Director of the tourist said that grounds this is cultural tourism offerings from Bali for Indonesia and the world.

This tourist attraction was built as a manifestation of the concern will be the condition of art and culture that Indonesia is increasingly neglected and not so sought after by the younger generation of Indonesia. This place was built as a Center for preserving cultural nation Indonesia with various tribes and different mores.

The existence of the Indonesia culture passed on from generation to generation raised by these sights to the world community and of course Indonesia. Tourists can easily find will learn about Indonesia culture by exploring the journey of a primitive civilization of Indonesia until independence.

In the gardens of Nusa, you can find replicas of various buildings including a replica of Borobudur Temple which is a monumental work in the seven wonders of the world. In addition, you can also find a replica of the famous statue of Gajah Mada swore Palapa to unite the country. A variety of distinctive and historic buildings can be found in addition to building the broom rib contains three museum as a symbol of hope for Indonesia.

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