See the Sunset on the beach cottages Bali

May not know it, for those who thought that the beach is situated on the island of Bali. But it turns out this exotic beaches are in the area of Subang, West Java. The tourist area is very close to his position with the city of Bandung. So for those of you who are on vacation at Bandung, could all visit this beach.

The beauty of this beach, no less, is presented with a panoramic view of nature that is presented to other beaches are also located in West Java. The characteristic of this beach is the expanse of white sand along the lip of its beaches. A variety of activities you can do in a tourist area of this nature, such as fishing, swimming or just play sand beach.

For you hunters sunset or sunset beach, it also presents a landscape that is very unusual. Not least with a view of the sunset, there are the beaches on the island of the gods. This is the perfect moment to capture, because of the stunning views that are not boring though often see it.

Behind the existence of the Bali Hut, apparently saved legend fascinating. This legend tells the story of the role of the Trustee as spreading Islam in Subang. In this area, then that Guardian resides, as well as a discussion of the caregiver. So the beach was named the Bali Hut which means House of the guardians.

In the area of the beach is found also the wells that are specifically created by the messengers of God. Its purpose as a source of water to perform ablution. Water from the wells is fresh water, though this is generally in the area of brackish water mixture between sea water and fresh water.

Up to now the atmosphere of the beach at Subang is relatively quiet, because it has not been so popular for the people of the city that includes the communities outside the city Ring. But it actually gave its own advantages for tourists. Because you can enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches of the more quiet, comfortable and clean. For those of you who are daily routines with penak, visited this beach might be relaxation.

The location of this beach is located in the village Mayangan, district Pamanukan, Subang Regency, West Java province. From the Centre of the tourist area of Subang, this is more or less 40 minutes leading to the North. Whereas if it is from Bandung city takes about 2.5 hours. While the toll from Jakarta through the Pantura and crosses the Cikopo, just takes 2.5 hours. If it is from the region of Pamanukan, journey time approximately 15 minutes.

Along with the multitude of online media to discuss Beach Cottage Bali, it is now his popularity increasingly uphill. So it could have been when you visit this beach was getting crowded by tourists. The charm is manifested in this area did make someone want to keep coming back to visit him.

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