My China Photo Album of 25 Years

After 25 years of travel in China and posting photos on many web sights, my photo album has become quite large.  Google picks up these photos that I use and adds them to my photo web site.  You can find it at  www.picasaweb.google.com/ChinaDave1    It shows several albums but one has over 800 photos in it.  Some are duplicates.  I have always enjoyed photography and China is a fantastic country with so much variety that it is difficult not to take good photos.  I always refer to it as a photographers paradise.  I always carry a camera with me but one time I missed a shot that I still kick myself about.  I had left my camera in the car when we went to an outdoor café in the countryside.  A bus came by with cages of geese on top of the whole bus.  The geese all had their necks sticking out of the cages facing forward as if on tour.  All 200 of them.  Over the years I have missed other opportunities but also have gotten some great shots too.  I have had a few clients who are professional photographers and they have said that China is a great area for photography especially of rice terraces and their national parks for scenery.  Please enjoy looking at my albums.

               They Call Me "ChinaDave"  with 25 Years of Travel in China!

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