Chinese Magazines

As a tour operator to China, I must keep up on all the news and changes going on in China.  Besides my annual trips to China for inspections and seeing the changes, I read everything I can and watch web sites that keep me informed.   China National Tourist Office is one source you will find interesting and you can order maps, brochures and other information for free.  I faithfully read one special magazine called   "CHINA TODAY" which is published here in the U.S. in full color.  What is happening in China and especially tourist information is all included.  You see here one issue on the changing childhood in the cities and how the "one child policy" has fared over the years.  Even the education system is changing to reflect the needs of dealing with the modern world.  The  monthly magazine costs about $34 per year post paid.  You can order it from the Cypress Book Company, Subscription Dept.  360 Swift Ave.  Suite 48   South San Francisco, CA. 94080-9838.   Insights to modern China are written about each month along with many cultural sites in China opening up to tourism now.   For more information contact me at:   interlak@eskimo.com   I am known by my friends as "ChinaDave".

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