Friendly Faces of China

I have travelled China for 26 years and everywhere I go I see friendly faces like these in the photos.  The people of China are very open and friendly always welcoming me wherever I go.  In the countryside you will often be invited for tea if you just show up at their doorstep.  Even when they do not want their pictures taken, they give a broad smile and shake their heads.  Getting into the culture is very easy no matter where you go.  In restaurants no one hurries you to eat and leave.  You must ask for a check as it is impolite to give a check to a guest without them asking even when they are very busy.  When travelling with a guide, they will often just shout out to the home  (no door bells in the countryside) and say,  "There is a foreigner here who would like to visit you if you are not busy".  Even when they are busy, they stop to invite you in and serve tea while they continue to work.  Exchanging questions asking about your life as well as you asking about their lives is common.  In the city it may be quite different however you will still see friendly faces even if they can not speak the language. Parks are a great place to have those personal encounters.  If you have children with you they will often be approached by Chinese children who are very curious about young foreigners. 

 Children see t.v. and learn English after 3rd grade and you always get a friendly "Hello" from them.   I hope you get the opportunity to have those personal encounters too.
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