Cost of Touring China

As a Tour Operator I receive many inquiries about how much it cost to tour China.  Many think it is very inexpensive because IT IS CHINA with their low costs of labor etc.  That was true just 10 years ago but things have changed.  There is Old China in the rural areas and there is New China in the cities.  Costs can vary a great deal.  My Chinese friend who lived near Boston for one year while going to school, returned to China this year and could not believe the difference in prices of food and many other things.  She said prices in China for many food items were much higher.  Many other costs in the U.S. were less for many items including hotels.   I travel to China myself often and find the same things.  A cup of Chinese coffee at the airport in Chengdu was 20% higher than Starbucks  which was just 50 feet away as an example.  If you see a very inexpensive tour to China on the internet, there is a reason why which you will find out when you arrive.  Expect to pay at least $3,000 to $4,000 per person not including international air for a 15 to 17 day private tour.  Group tours may be about 10% less but some can actually be more. Tours that are less costly or budget tours usually include two to three shopping stops each day often masked as cigarette or toilet stop breaks.  Many tour companies are now making some sights optional or steam table buffets to make their tours look less expensive.  China tours normally include most meals, all transportation, hotels and all sightseeing that they list.  Tips and Visas are usually extra and visa costs can range from $150 to $250 per person for the visa alone. You get what you pay for in China!  You spend about the same to get there so you should be able to see what you are interested in without having "shopping stops" taking up your touring time.  For more information on Cost of Travel in China contact me with any questions.  I am always glad to be of assistance in your planning without pressure to book a tour. www.interlakechinatours.com   My name is Dave and you can email me at  interlak@eskimo.com

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