Little Visited Guizhou Province

Guizhou province usually gets passed over by most tourists as one can not see everything in China in just a few weeks.  A client wanted to go there to see a specific village years ago so I went to check out the province to see if it was ready for tourism with good hotels and sites worth visiting.  I found very few tourists which was nice and many wonderful small villages one that you see here nestled in a hillside and valley.  Zeniel Village has both Shui and Miao ethic nationalities living there near DuJiang Town.   The largest waterfall in China is also located at Huang Guo Shu on the way to Anshun is a wonderful visit and there is one of the most beautiful Bonsai parks I have seen in all China of which there are many.  In Anshun you can visit Dragon Palace Cave park and take a boat ride on the near by lake.  There is 700 year old Tunpa Han Village nearby where 22 generations of people live who had been warriors.  The Stone Fort or Temple still stands and can be visited at Stone Temple Village.  Eastern Guizhou province is still developing but if you would like to see what past

generations lived like, it is a good place to visit although good hotels are yet to develop fully.   For more information on Guizhou province touring contact us at   interlak@eskimo.com
Let my 25 Years of travel throughout China be of help to you in seeing China up close and personal.

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