Breakfasts in China

As a tour operator I can never quite explain to clients how much food there is in China, especially breakfasts.  Breakfasts are always in the hotels as most have Western and Asian food to select from.  You see here in this photo a typical buffet breakfast in a 4 or 5 star hotel.  3 star hotels it may be a bit less but still large by our standards.  Click on the photo for a full screen view!  Eggs are cooked in front of you the way you request.  You will never go hungry in China.  Breakfasts are usually included in the cost of the hotel room but not always.  For group or private tours arranged by a tour operator such as myself, the breakfasts are always included.  If you book your hotel on line, be sure to check to see if the breakfasts are included or extra.  Breakfasts can range from $10 to $25 per person depending on the hotel level.  There is an automatic 15% service charge also on your hotel bill that may or may not be included in your price quote on line.    Breakfasts in restaurants are usually not served except if you can find a McDonalds.  Chinese people in their homes eat a very basic breakfast and young people often eat on the run from street peddlers.  So a good western breakfast is nice to start the day off.  On tours, lunch is the main meal of the day so they are usually much larger than we are use to.  Dinners are large as well.  I often go out and have a bowl of noodles with chicken and some dumplings for dinner rather than another large meal.  Food is hospitality in China and the Chinese would have a great loss of face if they only took you out for a smaller meal.  Please feel free to contact me with questions on travel in China with no obligation.   My 25 years experience in travel in China has left me with a great deal of information that I enjoy sharing.  interlak@eskimo.com
My friends call me "ChinaDave"

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