Prince Gong's Home in Beijing

Prince Gong's Residence  (Gongwang Fu) in Beijing is one of the largest private residences in Beijing.  Few if any Group Tours include this beautiful home of a former Prince of the Qing Dynasty.  I often put it in my tours because it is a classic example of a Chinese mansion of those days with the large park like setting within the busy city of Beijing.  Close by is also another smaller more recent mansion of the early 1900's last lived in by Madame Song Qingling who was the wife of Sun Yat-Sen the founder of the Republic of China.  The home has not been changed since the day she died.  Another is Prince Li's Garden Home which is now a classic Chinese Restaurant of the Qing Dynasty featuring food from the Qing Dynasty.  I often include it as a special evening dinner for my clients who love the atmosphere with the restaurant workers and waiters in traditional Qing Dynasty clothing.   There are many old mansions all across China and I have enjoyed seeing many of them myself and try to include some of them in my customized private tours.  For more information on Mansions of China contact us at  interlak@eskimo.com   www.interlakechinatours.com

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