Cruising the Yangtze River

Cruising the Yangtze River is usually a once in a lifetime cruise.  I have been fortunate to cruise it 8 times over a 25 year period watching the progress of the Yangtze River Dam project.  Pictured here is the 5 Star Century Line with an all modern fleet of boats.  The number of passengers is far less than ocean going ships and you never feel like you are in a crowd as there are top decks, lounges, libraries, game

rooms, and wonderful roomy dining rooms.   There is a wide assortment of both western and Asian food to choose from and a Gala sit down and be served Captain's Dinner with wonderful evening entertainment.  Each day there are off boat excursions and activities on the boat or you may just want to relax on deck watching the beautiful scenery and huge Gorges as you cruise up or down the river.  With new modern equipment you hardly know you are moving with little motion detected as you cruise through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.    You will note that prices vary between Lines from the low end $250 to $450 cruises to $800 and $1200 per person lines.  The lower end cruises are described in the blog entry following this one.  Until April 1st we are offering the Century Cruise Line at 50% off when combined with a private custom tour of an additional 10 days or more.  Please contact us for details at  interlak@eskimo.com
For itineraries see the Century web site at   www.centuryrivercruises.com    
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