Need a China Visa?

A visa is needed to enter China and should be applied for about 6 weeks in advance for a single entry but double entries can be made too which extends over a year long period.  Each entry is for 30 days which starts on the day you enter China.  For multiple entries you must leave the country between each entry.  An extension can be applied for when in China should you need a few extra days in most large cities at central police stations.  The Visa becomes valid the day it is issued and your entry to China must be made within 90 days to remain valid   You may apply directly at one of the six Chinese Consulates or use a Visa service. Consulates are located in six different cities:  Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Most people apply by sending in their applications by Fedex, UPS or USPS  through a Visa Service since you must enclose your passport. The application form is 4 pages long and may  require other documents to be sent in with it.  For a copy of the visa application and instructions you may go on line or request that I send you via email an official visa application and instructions to apply yourself  or through a Visa Service.    Please email Dave at   interlak@eskimo.com  I will be glad to answer any questions.  

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