Breakfast in China

Meals are all quite large in China.  Breakfast in most large city hotels have a large selection of western and Chinese food for you to choose from Buffet style.  Eggs may be cooked as you watch the way you like them.   The cost in most hotels is included in the cost of the hotel room.   When booking hotels be sure to check to see if the breakfast is included or you may be surprised when you check out and find that the cost has been added to your bill.  In the remote areas or non-tourist areas most likely only a Chinese breakfast will be available but usually does include eggs, fruits, breads and rice gruel.   Breakfast as we know it is not usually available outside hotels in restaurants; however a simple Chinese breakfast can be had in small local restaurants or on the street.   You can always buy foods in the markets too especially if you are going on trains or travelling in remote areas where restaurants may not be available.   I can tell many stories of my experiences with restaurants and vendors during my 25 years of travel throughout China.  For more information please feel free to contact me at    interlak@eskimo.com    My name is Dave

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