The Beautiful Danba Loop

With my 25 years of travel throughout China I look for those out of the way areas of interest for my customers.  I and my Chinese associates were the first visitors through what we call the Danba Loop after they hard surfaced the road.  Before that time it was an old dirt road that often washed out during the rainy season.  It is also referred to as the Tea Horse Road.  Few western tourists find this area without help.  It is about an 8 day trip through the mountains which includes Pandas, National Parks, Hot Springs, friendly remote monasteries to visit, countless villages and home visits with lunch.  The people are of Tibetan decent and their homes are highly decorated in the style as you can see here in the photos.  We also have home stays in which you may participate in cooking with the family or just enjoy visiting with them and their family. The fresh air of the mountains and wonderful weather are best visited from July through September.  For a more detailed description of this area and tour please check my web site at www.intnerlakechinatours.com and click on Packaged Tours.

You will find the itinerary under Mountain's Tour.   As I do mostly customized private tours, you can take just part of that tour or have me put a tour together just for your interests and time constraints.
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