Flying To China

Flying these days can be expensive and sometimes long and uncomfortable.   As a Tour Operator to China many people have their own airfare whether purchased on line or with Air Miles.  First one should check to see which is more practical or convenient.  Flights from the U.S. can be as little as 11 hours or as much as 25+ hours.  Some people obtain a good price to Hong Kong because the competition is greater and prices are a bit less.  However going to Hong Kong first takes the longest and once you are there, the cost to fly into the mainland adds additional cost.  Best is to fly into Beijing first, tour through the country from North to South and then exit through Hong Kong and fly home.  The best exits to Hong Kong are Guilin, Chongqing and Chengdu  or perhaps Shanghai if that is your last stop.  I like Hainan Airlines with their Wide Body Boeing or Air Bus planes with direct non-stop 11 hour flights from Seattle with low cost connecting flights from many U.S. cities. Hainan is adding a non-stop direct flight to Beijing from Chicago starting this fall.   Return flights from China can be from Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong too.  For more information on flights and cost, please contact us at interlak@eskimo.com   Click on the Map for a full screen view!

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