Pollution in China?

That is one question that I get asked now and then especially this year with the problem they had in Beijing.  Beijing has grown very quickly and added 10,000 cars per MONTH to the roads last year.  This has been an inverted air problem for a time this spring much like we get here in Seattle as well as other major cities in the world until the winds clear it out.  Most of China especially in the countryside the weather is clear and fresh including Shanghai which is on the sea.  Fall months when the farmers burn their straw from harvesting wheat and rice, there is some smoke pollution but lasts only for a few weeks.  The China Daily Newspaper which is in English and Free in most Chinese hotels lists the air quality in all major cities each day as well as the weather conditions and temperatures.   For more information on weather in China and the best times to travel and tour, email me at   interlak@eskimo.com    Photos below are:  Top:  Shenyang industrial city, Middle:  Beijing   Bottom:  Shanghai

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