What to Wear when Touring China

As a tour operator to China, my clients often ask me what they should wear and what is not acceptable in China while touring.  I have a complete set of information on preparation for touring for my customers but here is just a rough idea.  For more information contact me at  interlak@eskimo.com     Shorts are o.k. but perhaps not short-shorts especially in the countryside.  China is casual everywhere and jeans, cotton slacks, knit shirts for men are quite acceptable for every occasion including nice restaurants.  Sport coat and tie only in very formal occasions or  business meetings.  For women, slacks are just fine or skirts if you prefer with blouses or knit tops.  Good walking shoes are very important especially for uneven sidewalks at sights or in the rural areas.  High heels are not recommend but low heals are o.k.  A light jacket, sweater or layers is best for the different areas of China that you might be visiting especially during spring and fall months.  Summers are very hot and humid in most areas so warm weather clothing is best.  The months of April through July is also monsoon season so be sure to have light rain gear with you which can be bought inexpensively in China.  In the fall it starts getting cold in most northern areas in early November.   Mountain travel should be between July and early October before the snow flies.  For more information and questions just email us.
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