Taking Adopted Chinese Children Back to China

Several years ago I was asked as a  China tour operator whether I did tours for parents of adopted Chinese children wanting to go back to China to find their roots.   It becomes important to the children once they are in their teen years to know more about their culture and where they came from.   I put together my first tour for parents and their child with a very rewarding result for both them and myself.  Since then my name has gotten passed around and I now do several tours each year.   All had their own rewards and results. Most came from orphanages but not all.   One I like to tell about is a girl that was adopted when she was 5 years old and had been raised in a private family home by caregivers .   She had no memory of her past.  We managed with much research to find the family.  The family invited her and her Mom to dinner since the husband was a chef in a restaurant.  She saw her home and the room that was hers and met all the rest of the family.  This is only one of the stories I could tell but enjoy sharing it with you through my blog.  This has become very rewarding for me as well knowing that I have added to many lives in some small way.

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