Wolong Panda Preserve Closed Yet.

The Wolong Panda Preserve was destroyed during the large earthquake in 2008.  The Pandas were transferred to Bifenxia Park near Ya'an in Sichuan province however you can see Pandas in the very large Panda Breeding Center just outside Chengdu which is more convenient to tourists.   They are presently rebuilding the Wolong Preserve which may be ready for tourism in late  2014.  The main problem is the road leading to this area was destroyed and it is taking a long time to rebuild it in that remote area of the mountains.  The photo here with me and the Pandas was taken at the Wolong Reserve in 2007 when I was working in that area.   Keep watching my blog and I will have more information as it becomes available.   My Chinese Associate partners are in Chengdu so I talk to them on a regular basis and will be in Chengdu this fall and will be checking that area out as I do every year.  For more information feel free to email me for other information on touring China too.   interlak@eskimo.com      Dave
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