Money Exchange

The exchange rate is running just over 6 yuan to the $1.00 U.S. or roughly 1 yuan equals about .16 cents. If there is any radical change I will post it here.  In the larger cities you may use your debit or credit card at Cash Machines or most banks.  Cash Machines may not be available everywhere.   In the smaller cities, countryside or non-tourists areas this often can not be done.  If you are going into the countryside or remote areas be sure to take enough Yuan with you as you may not be able to exchange foreign currency or use your debit or credit cards.  Cash is King!   Hotels will exchange foreign currency usually with a very minimal charge or send you to a near by bank.  I have found a few hotels who now have cash machines in their lobbies.  When in the large cities carry enough local money to cover yourself for about 3 days.  In the remote areas you may need to exchange money in advance enough to cover yourself for the time you will be there.   Department stores, hotels, and factory stores usually accept credit cards.  Only a few larger restaurants accept credit cards so plan on having cash for most restaurants.   Tipping is not needed as there is a service charge included in the cost of the meals.  If you do tip for special service it usually goes to the restaurant owner.  For more details on money exchange continue to read my blog or email me with any specific questions not found here.  Email:   interlak@eskimo.com     My name is Dave.     

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